GNURadio Articles

Collection of articles and tools about GNURadio (Download Link) to support Digital Communications classes. All the examples are done with RadioConda windows version (GitHub Installer).

Note: The examples provided in the articles below are done only for windows. If you are using GNURadio under linux, the project files might not be 100% compatible. The python code will be available so it is possible to run the examples without RadioConda installed.

  • Introduction (Link)
  • Reference Tutorials (Link)
    • Wiki GNURadio Examples
  • Fundamental Knowledge (Link)
    • Information vs Communication Theory
    • Tx-Rx Chain
    • Modulation
    • Frequency Domain
    • IQ Sampling
  • Analog Data to Analog Signal
    • AM Modulation (Link)
    • FM Modulation
    • PM Modulation
  • Digital Data to Analog Signal
    • OOK Modulation
    • ASK Modulation
    • FSK Modulation
    • PSK Modulation
    • QAM Modulation

Articles under development, available as soon as possible…