GNURadio Articles

Note: The contents of the articles below need a revamp. After being exposed to a wonderful content from a company called EMONA TIMS, I am in a better place to explain analog and digital communications that will prepare the reader to understand SDR using GNURadio contents better. For now, I will leave what I have available online, but I will make an effort to start developing new content as soon as possible.

Collection of articles and tools about GNURadio (Download Link) to support Digital Communications classes. All the examples are done with RadioConda windows version (GitHub Installer).

Note: The examples provided in the articles below are done only for windows. If you are using GNURadio under linux, the project files might not be 100% compatible. The python code will always be available so it is possible to run the examples without RadioConda installed. However, you might need to install some of the python packages used inside of those python files.

  • Introduction (Link)
  • Reference Resources
    • Wiki GNURadio Examples (Link)
    • Wiki Block Docs (Link)
    • GNURadio Lead Developer and Maintainer Website (Link)
  • Fundamental Knowledge (Link)
    • Information vs Communication Theory
    • Tx-Rx Chain Block Diagram
    • Modulation Schemes
    • Frequency Domain
    • IQ Sampling
    • IQ Plots/Constellations

Communication Theory

  • Analog Data to Analog Signal
  • Digital Data to Analog Signal
    • Intro (Link)
    • Non-constant Envelope
      • ASK Modulation (Link)
    • Constant Envelope
      • FSK Modulation (Link)
      • PSK Modulation (Link)
    • QAM Modulation (Link)

Other Topics

  • Noise and dB
  • SNR and SiNR
  • Synchronization
  • Multipath Fading
  • Link Budgets

Information Theory

  • Channel Encoding
    • Block Codes
    • Convolutional Codes
    • Differential Coding

GNURadio with Real Hardware

  • SDR Software
    • SDR-Console
    • SDR-Sharp
    • Universal Radio Hacker
  • Hardware
    • RTL-SDR
    • HackRF One
    • LimeSDR

Articles under development, available as soon as possible…