Welcome to Engr Edu!

The purpose of this page is to provide extra support to the classes that I currently teach or have taught in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Denver (DU).

Below you can find resources that I use to support those classes.

Intro to Mechatronics 1
(UG 1st Year – Winter)

Intro to Mechatronics 2
(UG 1st Year – Spring)

(UG 3rd Year – Fall)

Network Design
(UG/G 4th Year – Fall)

Advance Digital Design
(UG 3rd Year – Fall)

Embedded Systems Design
(UG/G 3rd Year – Spring)

(UG 2nd Year – Winter)

Advance Engineering Analysis
(UG 3rd Year – Fall)

Circuits 1
(UG 2nd Year – Winter/Summer)

Circuits 2
(UG 2nd Year – Spring/Summer)

Engr SciD
(UG 3 Quarters)

Senior Design
(UG 3 Quarters)

Electronics for the Arts
(UG 3 Quarters)
[under development]

Digital Signal Processing -- Z transform - File Exchange - MATLAB Central

Digital Signal Processing
(UG/G Technical Elective)

VLSI (Digital Circuits)
(UG/G 4th Year – Fall)

Digital Communications
(UG/G Technical Elective)