Welcome to Engr Edu!

The purpose of this page is to provide extra support to the classes that I currently teach or have taught in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Below you can find resources that I use to support those classes.

Freshman Classes

Intro To Mechatronics 1 (Winter Quarter)

Intro To Mechatronics 2 (Spring Quarter)

Sophomore Classes

MatLab (Winter Quarter)

Circuits 1 (Winter Quarter)

Circuits 2 (Winter Quarter)

Junior Classes

Electronics (Fall Quarter)

Advance Digital Design (Fall Quarter)

Advance Engineering Analysis (Fall Quarter)

Embedded Systems Design (Spring Quarter)

Senior Classes

Senior Design (3 Quarters)

VLSI (Digital Circuits) (Fall Quarter)

School Common Curriculum

Engr SciD (3 Quarters)

Electronics for the Arts (3 Quarters)

Technical Electives

Network Design (Fall Quarter)

Digital Communications (Fall Quarter)

Digital Signal Processing (Spring Quarter)