LTSpice Articles

Collection of articles and tools about LTSpice (Download Link) to support Circuits and Electronics classes. All the examples are done for LTSpice windows version.

Note: Some LTSpice steps or examples might be different for Mac users. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will try to include directions for Mac users in the future.

  • Introduction (Link)
  • Variable Parameters (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: step, param, op, tran
    • Circuit applications: KCL, KVL, and Max Power Transfer
  • Variable Resistor (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: step, param, op
    • Circuit applications: Voltage Dividers
  • External Components/Libraries (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: op, tran, inc
    • Circuit applications: Op Amp’s
  • Dependent Current and Voltage Sources (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: op
    • Circuit applications: Dependent Sources
  • Switches (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: tran, ic, model, pulse, param
    • Circuit applications: RLC Circuits (Transient Analysis), Switching Capacitors, and User Input Buttons
  • Phasor Analysis (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: ac, inc
    • Circuit applications: Phasors Steady State Analysis
  • Fourier Series (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: tran, four, inc
    • Circuit applications: Fourier Series Steady State Analysis
  • FFT’s (Link)
    • LTSpice commands: tran, FFT
    • Circuit applications: Spectrum Analysis

Articles on the pipeline

  • Waveforms (periodic and non-periodic)
  • Average and RMS Values
  • Harmonics Distortion
  • Oscilloscope Probe Simulation
  • Simulation Directives (op, tran, sweep, ac)




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