The Art of Electronics


There are 3 main books written by Paul and Winfield. The goal with this article is to provide answers to the exercises that you can find throughout the chapters of the famous book "The Art of Electronics, 3rd Edition".

There is an ongoing project to write an open set of solutions to problems on this GitHub repository (Link) using Latex, however I am going to approach the solutions with a similar drawing style as the ones in "The Art of Electronics" and include animated pictures whenever possible.

I am totally comfortable if someone has the patience to convert the answers from this article to the Latex format of that GitHub repository.

I am also going to follow the same "writing solutions" guidelines:

GitHub Repository - Writing Solutions

The slides below can give a brief overview on one way to organize the study of circuits and electronics concepts. If you are new to this field, don't get overwhelmed with slides, go over them just to get an idea what to expect and be patient with the learning process.


Chapter 1 (Link)

Chapter 2 (under development)

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