Language of Math

The language of mathematics has a vast vocabulary of technical terms that can sometimes be a roadblock to understand beautiful ideas and concepts. These technical terms appear in lectures, books, technical papers, presentations, etc. Engineering concepts rely on mathematical knowledge, and if we are not familiar with those technical terms, that can potential be a discouragement to understand more advance engineering knowledge.

In introductory engineering courses, such as circuits 1 (only with resistive elements) or digital design, normally we can get away for not knowing these technical terms, but as soon as you move to more advance engineering topics, such as circuits 2 (with elements that store energy) or signals and systems or engineering mathematics, things can start to be a bit overwhelming.

The references below aim to help filling that gap. I will keep adding more references as I find them. For now, when you are going over material that exposes you to mathematical terms that you don't know what they mean, hopefully the resources below can help clarifying those questions.

You can find some examples below: