KiCad 5 Tutorials

Tutorial 1 – Beginner

[11m 10s] Part 1: How PCBs Are Made
[11m 17s] Part 2: Create a Schematic
[15m 49s] Part 3: Schematic Capture
[20m 15s] Part 4: Create a Footprint
[15m 36s] Part 5: Associate Footprints and Generate Netlist
[16m 54s] Part 6: Place Parts and Define Outline
[18m 14s] Part 7: Board Layout
[09m 08s] Part 8: Generate Gerbers and Order Boards
[14m 03s] Part 9: Generate BOM and Order Parts
[07m 42s] Part 10: Solder Components

Tutorial 2 – Intermediate

[02h 31m 05s] STM32 Hardware Design
[02h 50m 27s] STM32 + USB + Buck Converter

Tutorial 3 – Intermediate

[21m 42s] Adding multiple 3D models to board stackup
[10m 10s] Importing custom graphics
[06m 05s] Importing a DXF and matching registration holes

KiCad Plugins

  • Interactive HTML BOM: This plugin generates convenient BOM listing with ability to visually correlate and easily search for components and their placements on the PCB.
  • KiCost: is intended to be run as a script for generating part-cost spreadsheets for circuit boards developed with KiCad
  • KiBuzzard: create labels in various fonts, and with inverted backgrounds
  • KiCad Color Schemes: Want to change the color scheme of KiCad? Look here for inspiration.
  • SnapEDA KiCad Plugin: Search & download symbols, footprints, and 3D models for millions of parts

KiCad External Libraries

Errors and Possible Solutions

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