Create Schematic Icon

Creating icons from schematics in Electric can be very helpful to organize (visually) your schematics as they start to become more complex. Icons also help abstract the functionality of a circuit, helping with the overall understanding of your project.

Export Input and Output Variables #

Let's go over a simple circuit, a voltage divider, and create the icon for the schematic below. The inputs and outputs of your schematic should be exported with the create export command. In this case, I created a vin, vout and gnd using that create export command. You can apply this command to a wire, Wire-Pin or an Off-Page component.

Create Icon #

With your schematic selected, go to View -> Make Icon View

Electric will create a random icon with all the inputs and outputs that were exported and it will add a .ic file under the Explorer tab.

Edit Icon #

To edit the icon, go to the Explorer tab and double click on the .ic file.

You can now use the Components tab to design/modify the icon to your taste. If you want to create icons that are not predefined shapes, you need a little bit more patience and reuse and modify some of default components to achieve the desired shape.

The icon on the schematic gets updated automatically

Use Icon #

To use the new icon, create a new schematic and drag the icon as many as times as you want to your new design.

Simulate Icon #

You can use spice commands to simulate the circuit and validate if the icon was successfully created.

References #

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