Additional Support Videos

Below you can find a list of videos that I use to support my classes. The goal with this list is not to overwhelm students with an endless list of videos that it becomes hard to digest the contents, but rather curate a set of videos that I believe are sufficient to get the concepts explained in a way that flows well with the material that I provide in my classes.

Moreover, each video creator has a different way to explain the same concept. While I support exploring different ways to "look at the mountain", I think it is also important to initially limit the boundaries of the amount of resources used to learn a concept. After digesting a certain set of curated videos, I believe the student is then ready to search for other videos, and watch them with a critical and awareness mindset.

Last note, each instructor/professor/educator/youtuber will have their own list of videos that are different from this one. What I think is important, from an educator perspective, is to select the videos that align and flow well with the contents that you deliver in a class setting (virtually or in person).



Differential Equations


Maxwell’s Equations

Transmission Lines

C Programming

Embedded C Programming

PCB Design

I will keep updating this page as I keep finding these gems 🙂